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Langdale's trade customers

If you are an existing stockist of Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon and you would like to be added to the stockist list on our website please contact Langdale's and we will add you as soon as possible. 

Did you know we have posters and consumer leaflets available? If you would like to order them please contact Langdale's. To see the posters and consumer leaflet please contact Langdale's.

Do you want to place an order?                                     

Contact Langdale's or phone +44 (0)1635 860694.

If you are not an existing stockist but you would like to be then contact Langdale's and we will call you as soon as possible.

If you prefer to order via your usual wholesaler please let us know if they are not listed below.


Wholesalers of Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon:


Sangers (Maidstone) Ltd
ME15 9NE
Tel: 01622 754977
The Health Store
Unit 10, Blenheim Park Road
Tel: 0115 9767 200
CLF Distribution
210 Mauretania Road
Nursling Industrial Estate
SO16 0YS
Tel: (023) 8127 7000

Did you know?

In February 1933 the British Journal of Nursing published an article with a reference to Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon.

Try Langdale's in...

... Mulled wine, added as your secret ingredient!

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