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  • Home

    Learn about one of the most traditional of British herbal products - Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon and find your nearest stockist, buy online or contact

  • What is Essence of Cinnamon

    Find out information about the 100% natural ingredients that go into making Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon and it's warming aromatic qualities

  • Ways to use

    Try Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon in a variety of different ways! We suggest trying it in warm milk, hot chocolate or cappuccino. Learn about these suggestions and others...

  • History & Heritage

    Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon is steeped in history. Learn how the company started in 1745 and thrived over the past 3 centuries to the present day

  • Stockists

    Enter your town or postcode to find your nearest stockist of Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon. The closest 10 stockists will be displayed on a Google map.

  • Trade

    Find your local Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon wholesaler or learn how to become a Langdale's stockist

  • Contact

    Contact Langdale's to find out more about Essence of Cinnamon, make an enquiry, become a stockist or place a trade order

  • Sitemap

    Find all the pages within the Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon website.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms and conditions for order payment, delivery, cancellation for the Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon e-commerce website.

  • Privacy Policy

    Information about Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon data protection and privacy policy.

Buy Online

You can now buy Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon directly from us online. To do this simply choose a pack size below. Alternatively find your nearest high street stockist

Buy 1 bottle of Essence of Cinnamon

£16.50 with free shipping

Langdales Essence of Cinnamon bottles - Single 200ml bottle

Buy 6 bottles for the price of 5

£79.50 with free shipping

Langdales Essence of Cinnamon bottles - 6 200ml bottles for the price of 5

Did you know?

Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon was used by Army, the Navy & the Police during WW1.

Try Langdale's in...

... Hot Chocolate

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